Yene Konjo - Bizuayehu Demissie

Let us respect the copyrights of our Ethiopian artists, recording artists and poets. Let us always buy the original products of their works, instead of asking for copies or duplicating and distributing them for free, for our artists need money to keep up with their creative works.  By buying their original products, we are contributing and supporting them indirectly morally and financially to come up with more exciting ideas. So let us get conscious.

Video Lounge

ምርጥ የኢትዮዽያና ሌላ ቪዲዮዎች

Selected Ethio & other Videos

  1. Abebe Bekila, the marathon legend.  Rome 1960  Tokyo 1964
  2. “Eyoha Abebaye” - National Theater Addis Abeba 1986 E.C.
  3. Athlete Meseret Defar Private
  4. Haile Gebreselassie Private
  5. Japanese Dancers Dancing Ethiopian Folklore
  6. Teddy Afro Song Rocks Beyonce, her dancers and fans in Addis Abeba
  7. ”Yene Konjo” - Bizuayehu Demissie
  8. Athlete   Tirunesh  Dibaba’s Beijing 2008  5K and 10K Victory Tribute Video
  9. Obama Song based on his historical Berlin Speech
  10. ”Sithed Siketelat” - by Gibster,    the Video
  11. “Ere Balager”